Things to Do and See in Esperance

Things to Do and See in Esperance

Things to Do - Esperance museum

Esperance Museum

Maritime exhibits, vintage machinery & old railway cars, and famously debris from Skylab, which plummeted to earth near Esperance in 1979.

Visit the Esperance Bay Historical Society

Things to See - Stonehenge Esperance

Esperance Stonehenge

A unique full-sized replica of Stonehenge
in the UK. Constructed from local granite, this unique structure, like the original, is also aligned to the summer and winter solstices.

Visit the Esperance Stonehenge

Things to See - Great Ocean Drive Esperance

The Great Ocean Drive -38 km

A scenic route along the coastline. Drop-in to Rotary Lookout, West Beach, Blue Haven, Twilight Beach, Observatory Lookout, Wind Farms, 10 Mile Beach and Pink Lake.

Discover more about Great Ocean Drive

Things to Do and See - Cape le Grand

Cape Le Grand National Park

45 minutes drive from Esperance. Highlights include sweeping heath lands, rugged coastal peaks and white sandy beaches.

Visit the Park and Wildlife Service

Things to Do - Frenchmans Peak Esperance

Frenchman's Peak

Located in Cape le Grand National Park. A popular 262-metre-high summit hike, that offers views of the surrounding landscape.

Things to See - National Parks

Other Nearby National Parks

Esperance and the Southern coast offer a spectacular coastal backdrop to many magnificent national parks.

Visit Dept Parks and Wildlife Services

Things to Do - Twilight Beach Esperance

Twilight Beach

A popular family friendly beach, with showers and toilets. Just 7 kilometres from town. Exquisite turquoise waters.

Visit Tourism WA

Things to Do and See - Woody Island Esperance

Woody Island Ecotours

The official tour operator of Woody Island, an A-class Nature Reserve. Bush walking, swimming, snorkeling and fishing.

Visit the Woody island

Things to Do - Mermaid Leather Esperance

Mermaid Leather

Australia’s only specialist fish and shark leather tannery. Discover how raw waste fish skins are transformed into fish leather.

Visit the Mermaid Leather

More to Do and See in Esperance

ECO Discovery Tours

Explore Esperance beaches in a fully equipped & modified Landcruiser Troop Carrier.

Visit Esperance Eco Discovery Tours

Lucky Bay Brewing

Serving beers, wines, ciders, snacks, and full meals. Sources raw barley direct from local farmers.

Visit Lucky Bay Brewing

Cannery Arts centre

Built in 1949 as a Fish Cannery. It is now a vibrant community arts centre, offering workshops, exhibitions and events.

Visit the Cannery Arts Centre

Fly Esperance

Offers a variety of scenic flights. Fly over  Middle Island  to see Lake Hillier, a genuine Pink Lake.

Visit the Fly Esperance

Esperance Diving and Fishing

Access the best diving and fishing sites around Esperance, including the famous ‘Sanko Harvest‘ ship wreck.

Visit Esperance Diving and Fishing

Black Jack Charters

Deep Sea Fishing tours. Charter a 40ft Seaquest Aluminium vessel to fish, dive, or cruise the pristine Esperance waters.

Visit Black Jack Charters

Even More to Do & See in Esperance

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